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Tips for Weight Management

12 principles for safe and effective weight management

Trying to lose weight? Check out these 12 principles for safe and effective weight management. As always, before staring a weight loss venture, check with your personal physician to make there aren’t any problems.

  1. Set a realistic goal to lose no more than 4 to 8 pounds a month.
  2. Move it to lose it. Regular daily exercise is essential for weight management.
  3. Cope with anxieties, frustrations and depression without turning to food.
  4. Establish new eating habits. Make permanent lifestyle changes.
  5. Avoid snacks and junk foods. Eat less fatty foods and sweets.
  6. Enjoy low-fat, fiber-rich meals. Eat vegetables and fruits.
  7. Eat smaller portion sizes and avoid second helpings.
  8. For long-term success, eat a diet predominant in slow-digesting complex carbs.
  9. Don’t avoid fat altogether. A little fat helps to satisfy hunger better.
  10. Think and talk positive about your efforts for weight management.
  11. Start the day with breakfast. Avoid long periods without food. Drink lots of water.
  12. Don’t go it alone. Let your support group motivate you to achieve your goals.

Winston J. Craig writes from Michigan. 

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Winston J. Craig

writes from Michigan.

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