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Writer’s Guidelines

Are you a writer looking to be published. We accept unsolcited articles, stories and essays for the various topics that we cover. Some of the guidelines are different, depending upon the subject categories. All submission should be sent to:

StoryHarvest – We are looking for first-person stories (events and experiences that actually happened to you). Stories should be 300-800 words in length and should have a spiritual element. We prefer that they not be religious, meaning that you not use church lingo or denominational verbage. Write it so that you could proudly share it with a Christian or a non-Christian friend. If we decide to publish your story we will pay you $50.

Healthy Choices – If you are knowledgable about health and wish to write on this topic, the articles you submit should be about a specific issue and well documented. Word count should be between 800-1500 words. Contact us, and if we are intersted, we will tell you how much we can pay for that particular topic.

Reasons to Live – Currently we need short articles that address human motivation, passion and discovery! Why do you get up in the morning? What excites you about life? What do you want to be, “when you grow up?” Articles should be between 300-500 words in length. If we decide to publish your article we will pay you $75.