Saturday, April 13 2024 - 8:18 PM

Corona Diaries

Blessings for My Husband

man blowing nose

My own Coronavirus experience began soon after New York City shut down in mid-March 2020. My husband, Robert, began to feel exhausted, slept later and …

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A Challenging Time

lady with mask and coffee

2020 was one of the most challenging years of my lifetime. I have relatives who lived through the latter parts of World War II, and …

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Spaces in Our Lives

lady sitting and contemplating

Coronavirus invaded our world about two years ago, and already I’m starting to ignore one of the lessons I learned through this experience. It’s the …

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Overcoming The Virus

The Coronavirus has influenced everyone, and this is the story of how I took on the virus and won. I am an essential grocery store …

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COVID and My Job

medical person with head bowed

I spent several years in college as a volunteer working with at-risk youth and addiction programs. I grew up watching the havoc addiction wreaked on …

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New Pandemic Rituals

A ritual can be a breath of fresh air, something that breathes life and renewal into a person. It can bring out the spiritual in …

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Vaccine Opinion

girl getting vaccinated

It is hard to believe that more than 18 months after COVID-19 arrived in the U.S. that we are in a place of having to …

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