Sunday, November 27 2022 - 8:54 PM
  • man peering in smoky oven

    Adaptable Dinner

    “It smells like something is burning,” my son-in-law exclaimed. It was the night before Thanksgiving…

  • Christmas tree vegetable tray

    Holiday Eating

    It’s that time of year again. A time of much feasting, fun, and festivities. A time when we ar…

  • leaves with "fall" written on them

    I Love Fall

    Dear God: What a glorious fall day. The leaves are just turning their beautiful colors—gold, red, ye…

  • lady eating salad

    Healthy Eating Tips

    Not too long ago, nutritionists used the Food Guide Pyramid to help us understand how to eat a healt…

  • feet with daisies

    My Ugly Toes

    “If we take her to the doctor, they can surgically shorten her toes, and then she might wear s…

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The Side Trail


“Hey dad, do you want to make a side trail with me?” My son Michael and I were just about to dismount the chairlift at …

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