Monday, January 30 2023 - 8:00 PM
  • The White House

    The White House Garden

    When most of us think of The White House in Washington D.C., we often think of their affairs as sepa…

  • Dad reading to little girl from the Bible

    What An Incredible Book

    Dear God: I want to thank You for the gift of Your amazing book, the Bible. What I read today was so…

  • girl reading Bible

    His Love for Us

    John sums up all that can be said about God with a word that has many facets and meanings—love! R…

  • policeman taking handcuffed man away

    Why Your Kid Is Acting That Way

    In case you haven’t noticed, alcohol and drugs aren’t the only kinds of emotional painkillers known …

  • lady focusing camera

    Camera Thief

    During my study abroad year in Spain, six of my friends and I planned a weekend trip to Paris. Befor…

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