Saturday, June 22 2024 - 1:36 AM

Life Notes

Life is certainly one of our more eloquent teachers! When I wade through the mundane and the ordinary there is always good, solid wisdom to be had. Profound is usually smiling just below the surface of daily ritual, waiting for those three seconds of whole hearted awareness we’re capable of. This is where God often speaks uninterrupted. And this is where I like most to listen, and on a good day, take notes.

Washing Dishes

One evening last week I turned on the dishwasher and we took the dog on a walk. Upon returning, the kitchen floor was flooded. Our …

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Loving My Daughter

nail polish

I am blessed to have my adult children and their spouses living in my area. When my daughter has a day off from her job, …

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Shushing the Baby

woman holding baby

Several years ago, as I anticipated our first grandchild’s arrival, I brushed up on my baby skills. A young friend loaned me a popular and …

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Messages from Who?

woman sitting on edge of chair, leaning forward

One day while I was scrolling through Facebook postings, a cousin asked friends a question: Do you believe that you can receive messages from loved …

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People in the Attic

Back at my childhood home, I was sorting through three or four generations of stuff. Layers of belongings existed from the attic to the basement, …

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Learning to Play Golf

lady playing golf

Thanks to my husband’s generous boss, we spent the last few days lounging at one of Oregon’s premier golf resorts—or was it golf communities? Anyway, …

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Blurring Truth

camp site at sunset

I once saw a movie titled, The Day the Earth Stood Still. I believe it was a remake. This kind of movie is not unique—there …

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The Photo

man looking through camera lens

My husband is a very good photographer. He owns several impressive cameras and enjoys nature photography. He hopes to share some of the photos with …

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Return Policy

I’ve been returning things all week. What a waste of precious time. First, it was the wrong replacement tops for my electric toothbrush—it appeared correct …

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