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Return Policy

I‘ve been returning things all week. What a waste of precious time. First, it was the wrong replacement tops for my electric toothbrush—it appeared correct until I got home. Then in tiny print on the back were the names of the types it didn’t fit. Next, it was the purchase of a six-cup cupcake pan to fit into my new toaster oven. Those are difficult to find anyway. This one looked perfect! But back at home it was about one inch too wide. Returned to the store with my pocket tape measure. Six stores later and I decided to invest in individual silicone baking cups. Ha! We can use just three of those on a metal pan when making baked eggs for the two of us. Sometimes returning something actually improves the outcome.

Yesterday, I purchased a micro-soft towel set for the bathroom. Those are going to be mine! I washed the set and found some strange impressions on the hand towel. So I exchanged that today. In exploring possible reasons, I now believe that first towel stuck to a screen cover in the back of my dryer and was “branded.” Mental note to dry these on very low heat.

So perhaps I have learned a few things about my present buying habits. It would be wise to be more thorough in my assessments before embarking. How about measuring and reading details or taking along something that needs to be replaced? Seems like I should have learned this years ago.  Remember the old saying, “Haste Makes Waste.” That applies to time also. And I’ve noticed I’m more likely to spend more when returning.

I am also a more assertive “returner” than I was years ago. If items are defective or inedible, I am more likely to ask for adjustments. I appreciate my favorite grocery store where I simply have to show my receipt on the next visit when produce has been disappointing. Then I turn around and spend more money with them.

Lists and Distractions

Often I head out the door with a mental list of five or six places to stop with errands. Sometimes I even write down my list and cross off my progress. Of course, sometimes I lose my list, or find a great sale. However, I believe that I need to shorten my daily lists. I still tend to feed my ego with how many items I can knock off in one day. Wow, I hit six stores, the post office, saw several clients, mowed the lawn, etc. (Wow, am I tired).

Or maybe I’m just distracted. I find myself regularly attempting to do two things at once. Conduct a phone conversation with a loved one while looking at e-mails. Watch the news while playing fetch with the dog. How often am I really present and focused on one idea or project? Perhaps then my returning would be replaced with contentment.

Questions for personal journaling or group discussion:

1. What do you wish you had returned but did not? Why didn’t you?

2. What is your personal Return Policy? How far will you drive, how much time will you spend to get purchasing satisfaction or assert your needs?

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Karen Spruill writes from Florida.

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