Thursday, March 23 2023 - 10:16 PM

In Between

Jael Amador, a young adult living in New York City, writes about her journey through school, health habits, friends, spiritual discoveries, and more.


child playing in costume

If anyone has ever written a book about motivation and how to increase it, I probably own it. There’s no quote I haven’t repeated over …

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My Neighbor

young woman on laptop

Laura is not the type of person that I would ever willingly invite to be part of my social circle. Laura had a problem with …

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Afraid of Flying

standing in line at airport security

I’m what they call an, *ahem* “Expert Flyer.” There’s even a special security checkpoint line at some airports for me and my kind. We, the …

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Try Something New

waitress with "open" sign

I am so not a foodie! I don’t even like the term foodie. I don’t know why. The term is just a little annoying. Kind …

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Shiny Things

lady using calculator

Up until recently, frugality had never been my strong suit. It’s just that there are so many pretty things in the world and I wanted …

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New Set of Worries

couple looking at a piece of paper together

Joey Carvallo and I have been friends since before we could form memories. Our moms were best friends, so it was the most natural thing …

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lady in bed

I once had a scary case of sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis is when a person temporarily experiences an inability to move immediately after waking up. …

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Time to See

arm extended into the light

I’ ve been exposed to the Bible since I was born. My parents are both Christians and have been telling me about Jesus my entire …

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