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Anchor Points

Rich DuBose writes from Northern California – The reason boats have anchors is so they can be secured in one place. Just as every boat needs an anchor, so each heart needs something it can hold onto in times of distress.

Beyond Words

Visual artists and photographers from all over share their inspirations and pics. – Contact us to submit your image for consideration!

Corona Diaries

Never in our lives have we experienced such upheaval, misunderstanding, ignorance and wisdom. Writers from all walks of life share how COVID-19 has affected their lives…

In Between

Jael Amador writes from New York City – A good way to describe our present age is “distracted and in-between.” In the midst of it all, where do we find meaning and purpose?

Life Notes

Karen Spruill writes from Central Florida – From the bits and pieces of what often seems like the trivial or brokenness of life, emerges new inspiration and courage.

Second Thoughts

Pamela Williams writes from Southern California – In the long run, ideas that are explored and allowed to mature usually have more balance and meaning than the first thought that pops into our head.

A Virtuous Woman
Tips, articles and photos that celebrate godly womanhood.

Dear God...
Short prayers that inspire courage and faith

Improve Your Health
Free online study guides to help you improve your health.

Signs of the Times
Learn what Scripture says about the future