Thursday, May 30 2024 - 10:44 AM


Maddie Lowe and Michael Temple share insights and stories from everyday life that give insight and hope.

Safety Chain

symbol of man climbing ladder

I gulped as I peered towards my colleagues, who were both standing on the scaffold platform that loomed 35 feet in the air. They were …

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Adopting Adaptability

woman sitting on floor amidst boxes

“Alright class, I want you to get into groups and list your top five strengths before we discuss it together.” A buzz of excitement circulated …

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Taxing Taxes

tax files

Tax time aggravates me. It really does. It frustrates other people too. Almost everyone I have ever spoken with detests that time of year when …

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Dead Malls

empty shopping mall

“We’re riding on the escalator of life, We’re shopping in the human mall, We’re dancing on the escalator of life, Won’t be happy ‘til we …

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Stolen Valor

military men

“You’re a fake, an impostor. You don’t deserve to call yourself a Marine because you didn’t earn it!” I watched the video intently as a …

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The Side Trail


“Hey dad, do you want to make a side trail with me?” My son Michael and I were just about to dismount the chairlift at …

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The Keychain

set of keys in ignition

It stays in my pocket almost every day, fits in the palm of my hand and is one of my most prized possessions. It’s been …

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Instruction Manual

cook with kitchen utensils and help sign

I fought the Veg-O-Matic, and the Vege-O-Matic won! If you’re wondering what a Vege-O-Matic is, let me explain. A Vege-O-Matic is a kitchen tool that …

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The Picture

three girls sitting at memorial site

It starkly and vividly grabbed me by the emotional collar and yanked me headlong into a whirlpool of sorrow and despondency. It changed me in …

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The Church Lady Blues

child eating dessert

It is said that art imitates life, and there are times when I agree with that sentiment. In the past, I watched a regularly recurring …

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