Tuesday, November 29 2022 - 7:32 PM


Maddie Lowe and Michael Temple share insights and stories from everyday life that give insight and hope.

Childlike Perspective

“When I grow up, I want to be a cashier!” Smiling, my father replied warmly, “Well, Honey, if that’s your dream, we’ll make it happen.” …

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Keep the Jelly

“Donuts aren’t worth much when the jelly is gone.” My mother, who is nearing the age of 91 looked at the fragment of her treat …

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Autumn with Grandma

Chilly air, fresh pies, cider, and the falling of leaves. It’s that time of year where we trade in our beach sandals and pool days …

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The Wonder of Nature

Staring out the window, my thoughts drifted with the waves. A blanket of sapphire sky was painted above the lake, creating nothing but blue scenery …

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My Retro Sanctuary

The word “retro” might be the way that someone would describe it, but with the funky wallpaper and mustard yellow countertop, most people would call …

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Drowning in Debt

This past month, I’ve experienced a deep wave of heaviness. June was the start of my first student loan payment, and it hit me like …

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20 Seconds

“All you need is just 20 seconds – 20 seconds of insane courage.” We Bought a Zoo is one of those heart-warming family films that …

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