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Say Nice Things

“If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all!” I heard that a lot when I was growing up. Apparently, I …

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A Lasting Impression

Autumn is a season that reminds me of kindness. It’s a time of year where I choose to reflect on all the good. Something about …

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Not Religious Enough

Some of Jesus’ contemporaries complained that he wasn’t religious enough. On one occasion, the evidence cited to prove this was that Jesus didn’t fast like …

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Five Stars

I filled out an on-line survey about my recent car oil change at the agency. I gave them 3 out of 5 stars since customer …

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Peanut Allergies

Peanut butter sandwiches used to be the basic sandwich when all other food choices failed. When I was growing up, if my friends and I …

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What We Deserve

There’s a saying among would-be criminals and law enforcement officials alike that gets shared around. It goes like this, “Do the crime, serve the time.” …

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I want to share some personal memories: When I was a small child my dad was a farmer, and at some point he hired a …

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