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Am I An Impostor?

A person writing

Hi Jael, I have attached your paper with my minor edits. I mainly corrected the few typos that I found and also made a few …

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Jackie’s Life

In the movie 42, Branch Rickey (Harrison Ford) is a Major League team executive with a bold idea. Rickey recruits Jackie Robinson (Chadwick Boseman), an African-American …

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Soul Bandits

Our days are filled with intrigue, wonder, and disaster–with moments of unfettered discovery and regret. Just when we think we have found life’s sweet spot, …

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The Costs of Obesity

In December 2012, the New York Times reported that the obesity rates among children are starting to drop. New York reported a 5.5 percent drop, …

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Sing a New Song

If we wait until all of our problems are gone before we sing praises to God, we’ll never sing! We are constantly confronted with new …

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Sharing Joy

He was beaming, and as I looked in the rear-view mirror I could see that he was enjoying himself…immensely. Our family recently purchased a “new …

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