Tuesday, November 29 2022 - 8:37 PM

Karen Spruill

writes from Orlando, Florida.

Injured Bird


Yesterday, when I returned from having lunch with my daughter, a Sandhill crane was resting in the front yard. Sandhills frequent our neighborhood, so that …

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Christian Heroes

lady sitting in chair

I lost my patience with a client this week, and I later apologized. Yet, I hate that feeling that I have misrepresented God and my …

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Foot-in-Mouth Disease

older woman

Yesterday my husband experienced another lapse in memory and left his cell phone at home. This was not the first time a phone, or another …

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Look at Me

guy talking to another guy who is inside a car

When my children were very little, I discovered the importance of eye contact. This can result in behavior adjustment. Once past the age of nursing …

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Heart Tattoos

tattoo removal gun

While I was stopped behind traffic, I glanced to my right at an advertising vehicle in a parking lot. With a four-color photo covering the …

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Vision Boards

two women talking

On a January evening, a dozen women gathered to create vision boards to enhance our intentions for the new year. My daughter invited me to …

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Grief of Suicide

woman upset

On a “stay-at-home” Monday, after I had tackled a lengthy list of phone calls, I decided to clean up my neglected emails following a busy …

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Cabin Pressure

stewardess with oxygen mask

Some people are convinced that they cannot face the day without their dose of coffee. Some people believe that they must start their day with …

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