Monday, June 24 2024 - 6:07 AM

Karen Spruill

writes from Orlando, Florida.

Washing Dishes

One evening last week I turned on the dishwasher and we took the dog on a walk. Upon returning, the kitchen floor was flooded. Our …

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Loving My Daughter

nail polish

I am blessed to have my adult children and their spouses living in my area. When my daughter has a day off from her job, …

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Shushing the Baby

woman holding baby

Several years ago, as I anticipated our first grandchild’s arrival, I brushed up on my baby skills. A young friend loaned me a popular and …

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Messages from Who?

woman sitting on edge of chair, leaning forward

One day while I was scrolling through Facebook postings, a cousin asked friends a question: Do you believe that you can receive messages from loved …

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People in the Attic

Back at my childhood home, I was sorting through three or four generations of stuff. Layers of belongings existed from the attic to the basement, …

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The Photo

man looking through camera lens

My husband is a very good photographer. He owns several impressive cameras and enjoys nature photography. He hopes to share some of the photos with …

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Return Policy

I’ve been returning things all week. What a waste of precious time. First, it was the wrong replacement tops for my electric toothbrush—it appeared correct …

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Sexy Prayers

man and woman praying

My husband and I have been practicing a change in the way we say our mealtime prayers. Often we are only together for one or …

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Why Not Travel?

dog going on a trip

Last year my husband and I made our first transcontinental trip to visit friends in South Africa. We were awestruck at the vastness of that …

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