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Blurring Truth

I once saw a movie titled, The Day the Earth Stood Still. I believe it was a remake. This kind of movie is not unique—there are many like it. Another one that falls into the same category is titled, Knowing. These movies seek to entertain while fleshing out possible outcomes for humanity when this planet finally comes to an end. Who will get to go? Where will they go? What is next?

Although there is next to zero proof of extra-terrestrial life, these movies plant the idea firmly, front and center in our brains. Could there be life forms that are watching us as these movies portray? For the average, secular-minded pedestrian, why not? Cut loose from anything taught in the Bible about a Heaven and a future and a God, the youth of our country seem to be receiving their indoctrination via Hollywood.

How We Learn

Practically speaking, first, it was the elders around the fire that taught children what to believe. Then the elders taught in the synagogues, then at church gatherings. But it seems we have entered a new era. It is the media era. Now the elders are people who make movies or music and display them on a weekly—even daily—basis for millions to sit and learn from.

And it fascinates me how quickly we embrace these virtual citadels of learning. We think It’s just entertainment, after all. But is it? It seems to me that the big questions—who am I, how do I relate to my culture, what is expected of me, what comes after this life—are regularly answered on the silver screen to a million plus viewers at a time. Questions like, How do we know how to date, marry and relate in our families? Where do we find the vital answers that ultimately motivate our actions?

I bet the most successful church in this new media era is Regal Cinemas. They are at least the biggest. Have you ever thought of just how powerful this movie industry is? Where else do people sit still and drink in, hours at a time, messages and images that supposedly convey the meaning of life? Where else do we submit to such focused indoctrination?

The End Times

Without sounding freaked. I propose that all this new enlightenment from the box office is setting us up to be deluded. In the teachings of Jesus, His arch-enemy Satan is going to come to earth as God himself, bringing a million fake identities with him, to deceive us all before the end of time as we know it now. He’s going to fake that he’s saved us all, only then, to be upstaged by Jesus Himself, who will set everything straight. The Bible says Satan will do all kinds of wonders and get everyone ooohing and ahhhing. The Bible even goes so far as to say that those closest to God will be tempted to bag their beliefs; Satan will be so convincing.

And here’s where the new church fits in. I think the new elders of our vastly pagan nation are unintentionally taking us into a world of fiction that Satan will capitalize on when he comes. Right now, without acknowledging there is a great spiritual warfare between good and evil, or knowing that Satan is preparing one last grand deception, these creators of the hit movies we love seem to be laying the groundwork for him perfectly.

Imagine This

Imagine this. Imagine Satan arriving with E.T. and all the other weird extraterrestrials we’ve watched on DVD. Then imagine the vast confusion that would erupt. You mean there really is a God and he’s been hanging out with all these beings we thought lived only in someone’s creative imagination? Imagine how powerful his delusion would be. Who could argue with the great characters of the cinemas, now all seemingly real and alive? With this approach, Satan could take the world by storm!

It’s not so hard to imagine, is it? It almost reads like a good movie!

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Claire Worley writes from the Pacific Northwest.

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