Wednesday, May 18 2022 - 2:09 AM

A Challenging Time

lady with mask and coffee

2020 was one of the most challenging years of my lifetime. I have relatives who lived through the latter parts of World War II, and …

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What Love Really Means

J.J. Heller sings about the true meaning of love. In 1 Corinthians 13, the apostle Paul asks the same question. It is a question that …

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Make Mine Carob, Please

carob powder

I was addicted to chocolate for many years. Addiction runs in my family—the human family. Sometimes that tendency to addictive substances is passed on genetically. …

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Choose Wisely

man thinking

The ancient bearded man dressed in the vestiture and hood of chain mail speaks quietly and with conviction: “You must choose, but choose wisely. For …

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An Unknown Path

riding skateboard

This can’t end well, I thought, as I rode down the hill on my longboard. What if just around this bend it drops off or …

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lady training dog

I’m taking my puppy to a local Puppy Class for socialization and to learn a few basic commands. This is intended to make life easier …

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“May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.” —2 Corinthians …

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A Difficult Childhood

Tesla at pumps

All of us have difficult odds to overcome, but those odds are not the enemy… By his own admission, Elon Musk had a difficult childhood. …

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