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Living Out Our Vows

I sat across the restaurant table from my husband on Valentine’s Day thinking about how much life we’ve lived together. It was one thing to say our wedding vows on the day we got married. With stars in our eyes, we had no idea what the future might bring. But it’s another thing to have had those same vows stand the test of time. As I sat there, I reminisced about some of our vows.

For better or worse… After 29 years of marriage, I will be honest and say that sometimes we are better—and sometimes we are worse! There are days when finances, jobs, decisions, and headaches have left us cranky, stressed, and argumentative. But that doesn’t define who we are. What defines us is that we don’t let these times cause us to doubt our commitment. We always talk, work things out, apologize, and move on.

For richer or poorer… We didn’t have enough money to completely furnish our house when we first married. Our living room had only a loveseat someone loaned us and a rocker. When Christmas came two months later, we went to the mountains and cut our own tree. The tree with its lights so beautifully filled our living room that we left it up until March 1! No Christmas tree has ever been more special to me.

In sickness and in health… A few years ago, when a spider bite turned into a raging staph infection, I became very ill. Keith was with me constantly during my hospital stay—even sleeping in the chair by my bed. Once home, he called his office and told them he wouldn’t be in for the next week. He started my IV antibiotics three times a day, cooked meals (hmmm…), drove our daughter to and from school, and cleaned house. His caring acts spoke volumes to me.

Forsaking all others… We don’t doubt each other’s faithfulness. There are no wandering eyes, no flirtations with the opposite sex, no suspicious questions. Each of us could have chosen to pursue relationships with other people back in our dating years. But we chose each other. And we knew that choice would last until this final vow we spoke:

Till death do us part… Thankfully, we haven’t experienced this one yet. But it’s a settled feeling to know that only death can separate us. And even if that should happen, we have the promise that it’s only a temporary separation. We will be resurrected at the second coming to share eternity together.

Whether you spoke your vows recently or many years ago, live them—stay true to them. The proof lies not in the promise, but in living the promise. Not just when they’re convenient or easy to live, but when they’re a challenge. Breaking your vows brings pain and separation. Honoring them brings happiness and unity.

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Nancy Canwell writes from the Pacific Northwest.

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Nancy Canwell

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