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Treasure Hunt

When I was a little girl, I would entertain myself by grabbing a bucket and a stick and hunt for treasures in the back yard. And I would always find something hiding in the soil or behind a rock. If I found a large stick it would become a staff or if it was a heart-shaped rock it would become precious in my hands. Sometimes it might be a clump of dirt that looked like a house. I would show my Mom and she would always see what I saw in my newfound treasure.

Eventually, I stopped searching in my back yard and learned to find treasures in other places. My hunting ground shifted from my back yard to school, restaurants, relationships, shopping and so many other areas that I thought worthy to explore. And I found many treasures that would delight or entertain me. However, there came a time in my life that these treasures did not satisfy me. I felt as though someone took away my bucket and stick. I felt that nothing or no one could help me dig through the world and find anything worth keeping.

That is… until one day, I picked up a dusty Bible from a shelf. I brushed it off and started reading random texts. Eureka! Finally, I felt as though I found new soil and I could dig through the stories and find treasure. And that’s exactly what I did. Sometimes I would sit for hours and read, write down Bible verses that intrigued me or questions that came to mind.

The Story of Moses

Eventually, I had pages of quotes from the Bible but one emerged as treasure that helped me start a different kind of journey. Tucked away in the book of Deuteronomy, I found the story of Moses. He was about to transfer the leadership of Israel to Joshua. Moses gave the people his last words and talked to them about other gods. He reminded them that they would seek other gods but from this place of other gods, they would seek God with all of their hearts and souls and find him. Here is how it reads in chapter 4:29. “But from there, you will search for the Lord your God, and you will find him when you seek for him with all your heart and all your soul” (HCSB).

This was treasure for me. I began a massive hunt by digging through the Bible with all my heart and soul. I found verses that served as a staff that led me through the dark places in my life. And my discovery of the heart-shaped stone turned out to be a heart of flesh filled with the love of God.

I no longer find clumps of dirt that look like houses. Instead, I have found a dwelling place with God and it started by hunting for treasures hidden in His Word.

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