Thursday, June 21 2018 - 8:54 PM
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Pamela A. Williams, MPH, R.D.

is a dietitian in Southern California.

An Unforgettable Dad

When we think of fathers, all sorts of images come to mind. People paint all sorts of portraits of their dad or someone else’s dad …

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My Head is Hurting

Sometimes it might start with a little nausea or street lights becoming too bright and unbearable. Or perhaps, noise levels that were unnoticeable a minute …

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A Lesson in Unity

The other day, my nephew told me the cutest story. He went to pick up his son RJ from school. When my nephew got there, …

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Getting Enough Fluids

Read the article and take the health quiz below. When we think of being healthy, we automatically think of exercising, eating breakfast and eating fruits …

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Kidney Alert

When it comes to our organs, we hear a lot of news concerning our heart but it is only one organ that is vital to …

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The Pain We Feel

Pain is a one syllable word that seems to punch us in the gut with such force that it knocks out everything on the inside …

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Battling Cravings

It’s one of those mornings when the phone rings off the hook, you finish an endless stream of errands, and just as you get to …

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Hospital Infections

Whenever we experience a serious illness, one of the first places we may visit is the hospital or a clinic. Doctors and other medical personnel …

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