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Small Steps

When I’m stressed out, I like to go out for a good run. In that moment when the world becomes too much for me, I slip on my running shoes, pound the pavement and leave it all behind. It’s as if I can escape from all that binds me and run free. With each step, I stomp down my anxiety and show it who’s boss! 3-5 miles later, I am refreshed, renewed and ready to take on whatever challenge is before me.

Just kidding! Actually, while I wrote that paragraph, I munched on a glazed donut and laughed and laughed! Listen, we all know those people for whom the above paragraph is true. If that’s you, I offer my congratulations: you win at life! But, I, unfortunately, am not as enlightened. My anxiety coping skills consist of baked goods, reality television and naps. I never said I was a role model.

Lately, however, given my age, level of stress and the fact that I’m down to one pair of jeans that actually zip up, I’ve been reevaluating my health habits. I have come, reluctantly, to the conclusion that perhaps there are some changes that I could make. Yes, I think I’ve finally reached the age where it is no longer appropriate to count Nutella as a legume. And, yes, I do now realize that reaching for the remote does not constitute a sit up.

That Extra Step

So, armed with resolve, I woke up VERY early this morning (did you know that they have 7 a.m. on Sundays too?!). I drove to the hiking trail near my home so that my puppy and I could set off on what would be an epic hike that would signal the beginning of my new healthy life. The (ahem) puppy got tired after about 15 minutes, so we had to turn around.

But you know what? Despite the fact that my workout was cut short (you know, on account of the puppy), I felt good! I found that I had more energy throughout the day and was able to get a lot more done. And while I still have a long way to go (i.e. the fact that I had one very delicious glazed donut while writing this. And by one I mean two), I’m proud of the small steps I took today!

So now, as I get ready for the morning, I take the extra step of setting out my hiking shoes. I have a feeling that the puppy won’t be so tired tomorrow.

“Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin” (Zechariah 4:10, NLT).

Jael Amador writes from New York, New York.

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Jael Amador

writes from New York, New York.

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