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My Therapist

I don’t remember how I found her. At least 15 years ago I started going to a local private massage therapist. And that was perhaps after trying three other therapists. But this person lived near my home, had a dedicated massage room, and later she started coming to my house.

Sara* brings her table, soft sheets, and soothing CDs to play while she works. That is luxury when you get a massage and don’t have to drive anywhere to undo the whole relaxation effect! She has only raised her fee once in all these years and I happily gave her another raise.

Sara also loves dogs and pets. She cared for my new puppy several times and even brought her little dog to my house during massages. My dog adores her and goes bark crazy when she comes to visit. He gets a belly rub and then falls asleep while I get a massage. He knows loving energy when it’s present.

Sara and I share ideas about health providers and shopping. We give each other little gifts for birthdays and Christmas. She has given my daughter a massage. Sara seems like a member of the family now.

I have often thanked God for my therapist. She is a blessing and I have told her so. I can feel her care for me as she attends to my muscles and joints. Sara is one of the best Christian characters that I have known and yet she doesn’t profess any particular belief. She is just one great person with awesome skill. What a powerful sermon by hand.

I have been an advocate for massage therapy for about 25 years. My first therapist helped identify a potential medical condition in my body. Numerous studies have shown the advantages of regular massage for many physical ailments and aiding in recoveries. We need to remember those people who have gifted hands. Some of them work on human bodies, others work on cars, houses, gardens, lawns, etc. If you employ someone with talented hands and a caring heart, please remember to tell them how much you appreciate their service and skill.


Questions for personal journaling or group discussion:

1. What are your feelings about a professional therapist touching your body? Have you had that experience and did it help you?

2. What kind of service provider could you thank this week?

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