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Hangry for Food

I‘m hangry. If you’ve never heard that word before let me tell you that it means exactly what you think it means. I’m hungry and angry.

I often experience these two states (hunger and anger) at the same time, with the former almost always preceding the latter. Hunger makes me angry. Most of the people that love me and, under normal circumstances, like to be around me are aware of this and know to approach me with caution if they suspect that I have missed a meal.

As I write this I am acutely aware that I am complaining about something that millions of people experience everyday. And I get it. I have constant access to too much clean water and food and for that I am very thankful. The absurdity of my anger, along with an incident that occurred yesterday at a donut shop (wherein the baker immediately recognized me and said “glazed donut, right?”), has made it clear: it’s time for me to change the way that I eat.

See, before the New Year I challenged myself to increase the amount that I move and incorporate exercise into my daily functioning. I’ve been able to do this very successfully and am proud of my improvements. Exercising without changing the way that I eat was just enough to help me reach certain fitness goals. But my body is no longer responding to “just enough” and it’s time to take the way that I care for myself to another level. So I’m learning to introduce foods into my diet that I’d previously designated as “unfit for human consumption,” (i.e. kale).

(Please excuse the following pity party) THIS IS REALLY HARD! (End of pity party)

Giving My All

As I consume rabbit healthier food, I can’t help but think about the other areas in my life where I’m functioning at a “just enough” level. I know that I have become comfortable with giving the bare minimum of myself. I text my loved ones instead of calling them, I cram the night before a test, and I pray only when I really, really need something. And here’s the thing: my life is going pretty well, so far. But just like my body, I don’t believe that my mind and my soul were meant to live on “just enough.” Because if I really believe that my life is a reflection of Christ’s life, then I should be willing to give my all in everything that I do.

It’s going to take some time to figure out what “giving my all” really means. But I think I’ll start with taking small steps in that direction. Even if it means eating kale.

As a prisoner for the Lord, then, I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received (Ephesians 4:1 NIV).

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