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A Lesson from the Birds

I enjoy watching birds, and over the years I have learned a lot about them. I also enjoy photographing them. By studying their behavior, I am able to anticipate what they will do next so that I can get a good photo.

Birds I Enjoy

One of my favorite birds to capture is the California Brown Pelican. I’ve watched them dive for food. Just before they break the surface of water, they make a 180-degree turn, scoop water and hopefully fish. They filter out water and non food items, and swallow the fish.

Another bird I enjoy is the Forster’s Tern. They are quite noisy as they call to one another. They will even save a squawk for me if I am in their spot. Their wings are designed for diving. As soon as they see fish, they flip downward and dive straight into the water. They pop up immediately with a fish in their mouths and begin to fly.

One other bird that I have observed is the pigeon. He doesn’t dive or squawk but he also has habits that are worth watching. They group together under the wooden walkway where I observe and photograph birds. I have seen them suddenly and collectively fly up in the air and in various flight patterns; dive and dart as a group. They return, settle down, and sometimes later they take off flying again. Experts suggest that they do this to strengthen their wings so that when a hawk comes to grab one of them, they are strong enough and fast enough to outmaneuver and confuse the enemy.

Lessons from Pigeons

Out of all that I have learned from these three birds, the pigeons have taught me the most. They get ready so that when the enemy comes, they avoid the enemy’s  schemes. If they didn’t practice, the hawk would grab the weakest or slowest one.

Here’s what I learned. As Christians, if we don’t pray and study the Bible,  then when the enemy comes, we are snatched by the enemy. When we fail to connect and remain under the wings of the Almighty, we fall prey to temptation, we become overwhelmed with the cares of this life; or the enemy chokes the life out of gospel seeds that have been planted in us.

These birds remind me that I need to stay united with the pack and follow God’s lead. We collectively pray for each other and encourage one another with God’s promises. Then when the enemy comes, we are connected to our Father, and He keeps us from falling prey.

Pamela Williams writes from Southern California.

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About Pamela A. Williams, MPH, RD

Pamela A. Williams, MPH, RD

is a dietitian, photographer, and writer in Southern California.

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