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Tips to Save Money

Many parents use the excuse that they are too busy to make any extra effort to live frugally. But even those of us who are the busiest can find an extra ten minutes here and there if we look hard enough for it. Here are five quick tasks you can do anytime that will help your family save money.

The 10-Minute Pantry Inventory

You know all those food items that get pushed to the back of your pantry and never used? Spend some time taking inventory of all the food items you have in your pantry. Then think of creative ways to use those items this week. You probably have several meals in your pantry just waiting to be cooked. By cooking these meals instead of buying more groceries, you will save money on your family’s food bill this week.

The 10-Minute Coupon Organization

Even if you don’t clip coupons for grocery shopping, you probably use them for health and beauty products, taking the kids out for pizza, haircuts, oil changes, etc. Spend ten minutes organizing and going through your coupons, throwing away those that have expired and pulling out ones that will expire soon. The reason for this task is obvious. You can’t save money with coupons if you can’t find them when you need them or if you miss the expiration date.

The 10-Minute Medicine Cabinet Cleanup

How many times have you bought cough drops or cold medicine for the kids only to find when you got home that you already had plenty? Protect your family by taking time to clean out any old and expired medicines. Then take inventory of what’s left so you won’t buy more of something you already have.

The 10-Minute Closet Clearance

This one will save you both time and money. Spend some time sorting through your family’s closets and pulling out the clothes you and your kids don’t wear anymore. While you’re at it, look for new combinations of outfits using pieces you already have. By combining separates into different combinations, you’ll all feel like you have new outfits without actually buying anything new.

The 10-Minute Toy Sort

Take ten minutes to go through your children’s playthings. Pull out those extra toys they won’t even miss. Donate them to charity or save them for your next yard sale. Pick out the toys they do enjoy but haven’t used in a while. Put them up in the attic or on a high shelf. Next time your kids are begging you to buy new toys, pull down some of the forgotten toys. See if they don’t get just as excited as if you had bought something new.

Reprinted with permission by Nancy Twigg.

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