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Subtle Wonder

I can’t think of an exact moment where I can say, “That was the moment I decided to follow Jesus.” Like many, my story is plain and simple, but plain and simple doesn’t mean it’s not profound. Choosing to follow Jesus will always be something for heaven to celebrate, whether or not someone made the decision through dramatic means.

I was raised in a Christian home. I’ve always loved Jesus and vividly remember having such a profound sense that Jesus was my Savior. I would do anything for him. One day I remember sitting in my backyard. I must have only been about 10 years-old, and I told Jesus that if I had to I would gladly die for him.

These were the beginnings of my experience with Jesus. After that it was an uphill climb into a deeper understanding of the One I serve and the love he has for me. Sometimes it’s the little decisions that make the biggest difference. My little decisions to serve Jesus out of obedience led me to fall deeper in love with Him. Of course this doesn’t mean I was always perfect or always will be. But obedience has brought me over some big spiritual humps in my life. I thank God for knowing what I do not and prodding me to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading. This is my story, ever growing and ever evolving.

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