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Sexual Dysfunction

Sex is a topic that is often overlooked among Christian women. Somehow, sex is thought to be dirty or sinful. Proper Christian women would never need to discuss their sexuality or their sexual needs. But it is a topic that needs to be addressed, even among the faithful.

God Invented Sex

God designed us to be sexual beings. He made us to experience sexual pleasure with our spouse. As women we have an innate desire to be thought of as beautiful, as desirable. When we first fall in love, our passions are ignited. We enjoy holding hands and tender kisses. Temptations are hard to resist and by the time the wedding night arrives, we can hardly stand the thought of waiting yet another night to finally experience the incredible gift that God has given to us through the expression of physical love with our new husband.

From then on we may have ups and downs in our marital relationship. Emotional turmoil, exhaustion, children, and the basic demands of life can take its toll on our sex lives. We may find that the enjoyment has dwindled and our desire to be intimate with our spouse has all but disappeared.

The marriage relationship can suffer if you allow the frequency of your sexual encounters to become less and less. Tensions run higher, husbands become frustrated, and both partners may feel hurt and misunderstood.

Lack of Desire

There are many reasons why sexual desire diminishes, both physical and non-physical. Depression, as well as certain medications or illnesses can contribute to a lessened sexual desire. Having a low self image can also cause you to feel less attractive and decrease your desire for your husband. Breastfeeding and childbirth factor into the equation as well. If you are concerned that your medication or your illness are affecting your sex life, ask your gynecologist if there is anything you can do to help.

Sensation disorders can make intercourse unpleasant and decrease the amount of sex a woman wants. Always be sure to use plenty of lubrication. If your husband does not stimulate your desire, share your desires with him. In a loving relationship, it is OK to ask your husband to do something that will enhance your sexual pleasure.

Remember that God wants you to have an enjoyable sexual relationship with your husband. God cares about the little details of your life. He wants you to revel in the touch of your husband. He wants you to look forward to those intimate moments in your marriage bed, and He wants you to laugh and have fun!

In your daily prayers for you marriage, ask God to help you in your struggles with sex. Ask Him to make it a loving and enjoyable experience between you and your husband. Ask Him to bless the intimate moments that you share together. Trust God! He will give you your hearts desire if you are seeking His will.

“Delight thyself in the Lord and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart.” Psalm 37: 4

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