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Our New Normal?

One thing everyone can say, without a shadow of a doubt, is that 2020 broke our normal way of life like most of us have never seen. Who would have believed that schools would close for months? In the past, having a snow day that lasted for two days was considered a miracle by most children! COVID-19 has made everything so much harder. I complain often that everything it touched became more difficult. The drama touched everything when people fought over buying a roll of toilet paper. Some wonder, is God judging our nation and world with all the terrible weather and fires and upheaval everywhere?

So many problems have been caused by this virus. Even popcorn farmers have a huge surplus of corn because of movie theaters being closed. Should we also wonder what type of movies are being made right now?.

My granddaughter took her driving test and even that had angst. She was told to bring a sanitizer to wipe down the steering wheel of the car and they couldn’t find any in the stores. Things like this happen all the time to everyone. Getting new car plates at the DMV, renewing your license, getting new glasses, dental cleanings, and the list goes on and on.

However, for the first time I’ve heard of a few benefits from the virus. Although it comes from problems due to online learning, it opened a door for new jobs in our area. My granddaughter just graduated from high school and is waiting to decide when and where she will start college due to all the closings. One mother of a six-year-old is having problems with online classes as she also has a sixteen-month-old daughter. Keeping them apart is almost impossible.

Managing it All

Her little boy goes to school two days a week. So she he hired my granddaughter to come each morning three days a week to help and encourage him with his online school work. Meanwhile, the mother cares for the baby in another section of their home. Other mothers are interested in hiring her as well. This type of problem is common now. For the first time, I saw something positive from the virus, perhaps a new normal. There are also more jobs for people taking temperatures and administering healthcare screenings all over.

Will 2021 be the year of new beginnings that we never imagined? Maybe it will be centered on our homes, including our jobs? Some families may choose to sell take-out meals from their kitchens, or maybe a specialty food product? Perhaps women run business coops from their home offices? Food delivery for grocery products has already increased by a huge amount. More farmer’s markets may sell more fresh veggies and fruit from their gardens?

I believe there will even be a job market for trendy face mask designs and ones for professionals to wear in the business world. Watch how all the holidays will use masks in their seasonal decorations. Our new normal is around the corner, but how will we deal with all the changes, and will the Lord grant us one more chance?

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Christine Collier writes from New York.

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