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From Bulimia to Hope

For twelve years before I accepted Christ into my life, I struggled with bulimia, an eating disorder in which a person binges on food and then vomits. I never was the skinny, cute girl everyone admires, and I had an abusive father who made me feel ashamed for eating. It came to the place in my life where I would hide my eating so my father’s cruel and mean remarks wouldn’t hurt me. Right before I entered ninth grade, bulimia grabbed hold of me. I was 14 years old. For 14 years, this disease took control of my life. I hated what I was doing and felt horrible about myself.

In 1980, I gave my life to Christ while sitting in a large, brown beanbag in front of our television. I was depressed and, at times, suicidal. Many times I felt no hope, not only with my bulimia but also with my marriage. We only knew each other for three weeks when we got married, and we were living a pretty empty life. That day I accepted Christ into my life was a turning point for my husband and me. It not only saved our marriage but started me in the direction of healing.


I began praying for deliverance from this horrible disease. God answered so many of my prayers immediately at that time, but this prayer wasn’t answered as quickly. I prayed every day, and I would still binge and purge. I felt so horrible because I’d pray for deliverance every day, yet I kept succumbing to this disease. One day after vomiting, I just laid my head on the toilet and sobbed, crying out the only word I could, “help,” because I felt too unworthy to say more.

Soon after that experience, I began to notice that my binges were becoming farther apart. Instead of 3-4 times a day, it became more sporadic, often going for a few days, then weeks, months, and then after two years, it was totally gone! In the meantime, I had had two miscarriages due to the problems of my bulimia and then became pregnant with our daughter, Kristy. I was a few months pregnant with her when my binging was finally gone.

The Consequences

Although God delivered me from bulimia, the consequences played havoc on my digestive system. For several years I had severe pains in my abdomen, which would worsen after eating or drinking. I decided at that time not to eat at night. My latest meal would be around 3:00 pm. I did this for three years, and my pains subsided.

However, my health issues continued over the years, mostly joint pain and back pain. There were many days when I couldn’t stand up because I was in too much pain. Most mornings I would wake up feeling like a semi-truck ran me over. Sometimes my body would feel like tiny pins pricking me all over. It was tough to put clothes on my body, and nobody could touch me. This went on for years until I began exercising and lifting some weights. I still had aches and pains, but not like before.

Diagnosis and New Journey

Then in June 2006, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was very shocking, but that day I knew I would start eating vegan and then eventually, more raw foods. That diagnosis was the means God used for starting me on a journey into the field of health. Today, I feel better and have more energy than I ever did in my 20’s and beyond. My pains are gone, and I no longer have digestive issues. I took up running, and my daughter and I have run several races and a half marathon. We are planning on running another one this November. I am so grateful to God for how He’s led me in this journey.

My daughter, son, and I have started our own raw food show.* We share information we have learned and a new raw food video each week on YouTube. God is blessing us so much, and I would have never dreamed of doing this today. Over the last eight years, I have also noticed how much changing my lifestyle has affected my relationship with God. My mind is so much clearer, my energy levels are out of this world, and my joy is so much greater. God isn’t just changing me physically, but spiritually also.

Never Give Up

When we pray, we don’t see the results right away, and we tend to give up. These experiences have taught me that no matter how unworthy I feel or how long it takes, I need never give up on God. Even if I don’t see answers right away, God is working behind the scenes in ways I can’t see.

Starting Out Raw online

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Debbie Thurber writes from Nebraska.

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