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Fat and Frustrated

Dear God: I’m fat and I’m frustrated — but I guess not quite enough to do anything about it. I cringe every time I hear on the news that Americans are getting fatter and fatter and I hope the picture shows someone a whole lot bigger than me. Truth is, it doesn’t matter. I’m unhealthy and my eating has taken on a life of its own. Sure I don’t steal or kill or cheat. I’m rarely unkind and am really working on not gossiping. I’m saving my money and am very generous to those in need. But I’m slowly killing myself while cherishing the sin of gluttony.

An awful word, but you’re specific in Proverbs 23:21: “For the drunkard and the glutton shall come to poverty.” That could be poverty of spirit, or money or lost health. None of which are what I want for my life. Fill my emptiness with your spirit. May only good, healthy food pass my lips and in appropriate proportions. Make me hungry for you and your word.

In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Dee Litten Whited writes from Virginia.

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Dee Litten Whited

Dee Litten Whited

writes from Virginia.

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