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Declutter Your Life
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Declutter Your Life

In his book, Starting Today, Rubel Shelly says one way to declutter your life is to get rid of stress (within your home and heart). Here are some of his suggestions:

1. Go to your closet one day this week and take 10 items out that you haven’t worn in a year. Donate them to a thrift store or church that distributes clothing to the poor.

2. Pick a day next week and do the same thing to your kitchen. Next week go to the garage. Next week go through the attic. Keep getting rid of stuff until you clear out the clutter you often gripe about.

3. Don’t bring work home from your office today.

4. As soon as you get home tonight, unplug your phone, or turn off the ringer, and leave it off for the entire evening.

5. Learn how to say “no” with a smile without having to explain. Just because other people want your time doesn’t mean you should always give it. Find balance.

Shelly says, “If you’ve ever thought your closet, schedule, or life was too cluttered, start making changes now!”

Questions to Ponder

A. What are the top three priorities for my life?
B. Does my use of time reflect this?

“Most of us are wary, if not outright afraid, of changes over which we have little control. But the manner in which we respond to change can be among the most important choices we make. Carol McClelland, a consultant, explains that we can embrace change ‘with, a quiet, open heart’ or we can try to avoid change by trying to ‘rationalize, deny or escape.’ The first approach is obviously the healthier one, despite the difficulties”—Anne Sturmthal Bergman

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