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Coming to Jesus

One rainy Sunday morning in 1980, I was sitting in a large, brown beanbag chair in our living room in Killen, Texas, feeling an emptiness and loneliness I had never experienced before. I had just lost a baby through miscarriage; the one thing I thought would bring fulfillment to an empty marriage and life.


You see, I married my husband after only knowing him three weeks while we were both stationed at Ft. Rucker, Alabama. We both came into this marriage of three and a half years, with an extreme amount of baggage; especially me. My father had sexually abused me for years when I was young. At fifteen years of age, I began my struggle with bulimia; an eating disorder in which a person binges on food and then vomits. I never knew the torment that this disease would cause me over the next fourteen years. As you can guess, my self worth was at its lowest, and I easily succumbed to depression.

Forever Changed

That Sunday morning, my husband had been called around 6:00 to help out some Boy Scouts. He left, and later that morning, I laid in the beanbag and just sobbed. I was so empty inside that I could hardly stand it. I picked up the remote to the television and started flipping through stations. To this day, I don’t know why, but I stopped on a station where Robert Shuler, a well-known preacher, was speaking.

I did not grow up in a Christian home and rarely ever went to church except for a few times with my friend in elementary school. I only went because her Sunday School class served doughnuts and I loved doughnuts! This day, however, I was glued to the television set and whatever Robert Shuler said that day, I gave my heart and life to Jesus and my life has never been the same since.

Thirty-five plus years later, my husband and I are still married, have two wonderful grown kids, and we’ve been pastoring for thirty years. God had a plan for my life and I’m so thankful for that rainy Sunday morning when I gave my heart to Jesus.

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