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Can God Use Me?

“Don’t give up! Keep pushing!” As I look into the eyes of this innocent woman, I know right away that I am far from home. She hasn’t been given any medication to help with pain, and her pelvis is too small for the baby to come out easily. I stand at the end of the hospital bed trying with all of my heart to comfort her with the fragment of French words I can understand as I begin to deliver the baby. I am not acquainted with the culture very well, so in my ignorance, I make the effort to show as much compassion, praying she will understand.

An Emergency

Finally, after forcing the baby to come out by pushing on the mother’s stomach, she delivers. Her uterus is not contracting well and she is bleeding excessively to the point of being anemic. I begin to run from family member to family member trying to find the correct blood type that matches hers. Either no one has the same blood type or they aren’t willing to donate even though they know it is for her survival. I realize after awhile that I match her blood type. I can give my own blood to save her life! Her blood pressure drops drastically, and she is loosing blood rapidly.

I run to the laboratory and tell Clara about the emergency. She promptly sits me down and retrieves a blood bag. As soon as I see the needle, I turn my head away. It is practically the size of a PVC pipe (a little over exaggerated). I start to pray that it will be over quickly. Thank God my blood came out fast, and before I know it, I have a pint (500 ml) of blood ready for the patient.

Waiting for a Miracle

Eliminating strenuous exercise after giving blood is out of the question today. I immediately stand up and run as fast as I can back to maternity where the mother is still struggling for life. I try to stay courageous, but deep inside my heart is welling up with frustration because I refuse to believe that this woman would go through so much for her little child, and then not be there to raise him. My job is to hold the baby while the other nurses’ frantically take the bag of blood and start running the IV. I fall in love with this mother and her little helpless baby boy in my arms as I wait for God to provide a miracle.

Life in Cameroon

Being in the medical setting in Africa has been quite different from America. I decided to take my mission experience at the Koza Seventh-day Adventist hospital in Cameroon. Each day I have to be careful about what supplies to use for fear that there might not be enough for the next day. I’ve had the privilege of working with some very talented people who are quite resourceful, and at times when I haven’t known what to do, God has provided. He has given me the energy to work hard and get through many challenging days. To His glory, He has been accomplishing the task He sent me here for.

I have been in Cameroon for almost five months and I have found every minute worthwhile. When I surrender my selfish ambitions and give my life to Christ, the most exhilarating feelings come over me as I work for Him. It is the highest honor to see first-hand what God is doing around the world — and to be a part of it! I’ve had the pleasure of helping with surgeries, delivering babies, and comforting people by the bedside. I know God has called me here, and although sometimes I don’t know all that I’m here for, Christ keeps giving me reasons to stay just a little longer.

God Can Do Anything

After much prayer and waiting, the mother survives, and I begin to take care of her as she heals from this traumatic experience. It is impressive to see the miracles of God as I work with Him in His plan to save souls physically and eternally. Since I have been here, reading the book Ministry of Healing has lead me to the faith that God can do anything. Ellen White states: “Faith is a mightier conqueror than death. If the sick can be led to fix their eyes in faith upon the Mighty Healer, we shall see wonderful results. It will bring life to the body and to the soul.”

My prayer for you today is that you have faith enough that God can mold you into his likeness and character. Take every opportunity that God presents to you to help others. It is a life full of surprise and fulfillment. He is calling you to be part of His story.

Elissa McMurry writes from the Pacific Northwest.

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Elissa McMurry Horn

Elissa McMurry Horn

writes from the Pacific Northwest.

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