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Cabin Pressure

Some people are convinced that they cannot face the day without their dose of coffee.

Some people believe that they must start their day with a newspaper, TV news, Facebook, or checking their email.

Other people must start their day with a lemon drink, a green smoothie, or a yoga position.

And then some people must start the day with a phone call to a parent or child in another state or country.

I’m trying to catch up from going on vacation for more than a week. This morning we walked the dog and had breakfast—important stuff. Then I plowed into returning texts and making phone calls— canceling an appointment, scheduling another appointment, checking on a lunch plan, etc., until the morning was half gone. An hour ago, I felt my stomach go queasy, and perhaps my blood pressure was elevated. My brain rattled with several emotions. I started to feel cheated from my postponed quiet time reading an inspirational book. I got everything backward!

Reminding Myself to Breathe

The daily analogy is like the instructions for using an oxygen mask while on an airplane. I heard this at least six times while on vacation: IF THERE IS LOSS OF CABIN PRESSURE, PUT YOUR MASK ON FIRST BEFORE HELPING SOMEONE ELSE. I lost cabin pressure this morning, and I had to remind myself to breathe!

It’s taken me most of my life, but now I’m getting it. How I start my morning has a lot to do with my health and mental attitude for each day.

If I take time to be calm before my God and focus intentionally on His attributes and those who love Him, I have helped protect my mind and body from all of the pressure of the daily grind that will come next. I start refreshed and more confident that God and I can handle all the grimy details of daily living. Putting my time with God until later and later usually results in missing what would be the best focus for my day. If I intend to be like Jesus and treat others like He would, I do require time with His influence. Perhaps I need Jesus more than a walk, breakfast, or my vitamins and medicine.

I’m offering God my apology and repentance for skipping our meeting today. Tomorrow when the dog wakes us up at 5:30 a.m., that just might be my clue that it’s time to snuggle up to God, enjoy the breath of the Holy Spirit, and be prepared for the loss of cabin pressure.

Questions for personal journaling and discussion:

  1. What is your agenda or choices for how you spend your mornings? Look at that timeline and perhaps pray over it.
  2. What do you depend upon to help you with the stresses of daily living?

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Karen Spruill writes from Florida.

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