Monday, July 22 2024 - 3:50 AM
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Where’s Spring?

Dear God: It’s cold. In fact, it’s freezing. The ground is frozen and I can see patches of snow left from last week’s snowstorm. Patches remain where the sun doesn’t penetrate. The trees are bare and the ice storm left some broken branches. I’ve got so much yard work to do, but it’s just too cold outside. And it’s not just my body that’s cold. My spirit’s a bit frigid, too.

Awaken Spring

The bustle and warmth of Christmas are behind me. There are fewer personal cards in the mailbox and a lot more bills. Instead of remembering the highs of December, I’m dreading the next month or so before spring makes an appearance. I pray that you’ll awaken spring in my heart. I open it now for a cleansing that only spring cleaning can accomplish. And with that, I know your peace with fill me and I’ll find joy in my circumstances and find warmth in your arms of love.

In Jesus’ name. Amen!

Dee Litten Whited writes from Virginia.

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Dee Litten Whited

Dee Litten Whited

writes from Virginia.

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