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When Our Trials Appear

Sometimes I get bogged down with daily tasks. I jump up in the morning and rush to work. I follow a schedule to meet all of my deadlines. As soon as the office empties, I also make a mad dash to shop for food and go home to cook. I squeeze in walking to complete my steps before dark. Before I settle down, I might take a minute to see what is going on in the world.

Unbeknownst to me, chances are, I may have rushed past many people who might be in need. I am so busy and super focused on completing tasks and meeting deadlines that I dont observe the world around me.

Reasons for Trials

Sometimes I misunderstand the hurting. Sometimes I walk right by a troubled heart. Other times, I can look directly into a circumstance and not see anyone’s needs. And now I wonder if this is one of the reasons we have trials.

Honestly, I am not a fan of trials, but they do slow me down. They make me look up from this crazy world of busyness and see others who are hurting just like I hurt.

Sometimes God lets these trial mountains dominate our hearts. And although we hurt, cry, and struggle, sometimes the wrestling with circumstances makes us stronger. So when we see someone hurting from a similar trial, we can connect. We can converse because we understand the difficulties. So we share stories and perhaps a Bible verse. We pray with each other as we try to recover from pain and heartaches.

As I write this, I ask myself, Do I know what I am saying here?”

My answer is, Yes and no. Yes, because when we give our lives to Christ, we are used for His cause to make disciples, build one another up, and showcase His love through us. No, because I have no idea what to expect when God uses me. But if He walks with me over mountains and through valleys, then it will be worth taking on whatever is before me.

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Pamela Williams writes from Southern California.

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Pamela A. Williams, MPH, RD

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