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Baby chicks
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Twelve Little Blessings

When the pandemic began, we started planning how to produce more of our own food on our small farm. We planted a garden. And wanting to have eggs to share, we decided to add a few hens to our chicken flock. Before long we realized because of the pandemic everyone wanted hens, and acquiring laying hens was almost impossible in our area. A few weeks later one of our hens disappeared. We looked everywhere for her and finally thought she was gone for good. A few days later we noticed every morning about 6 A.M. she would show up on our security camera. By the time we went out to find her she would be gone!

The Biggest Surprise

A few weeks later we got the biggest surprise when she walked out from under our goat feeder with 12 baby chicks! She is one of two identical hens, and we were impressed that her chicks were never confused about which hen was their mother. We learned the mother hen clucks to her chicks while they are still in the egg, and as they grow, they begin to peep back to their mom. The bond between them is formed before they even hatch! We watched the identical hen try to get the chicks to come to her; the chicks were never fooled — they had listened and knew their mom’s clucks.

In this time of disappointment, loss and grief, these 12 little chicks brought a spark of joy to us. Search for the sparks of joy around you and spend time reading the words of Jesus. When confusion arises, like little chicks, you will know the voice of your Provider, Jesus!

“‘You must love the LORD your God with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength, and all your mind.’ And, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself….Do this and you will live!” (Luke 10-27-28, NLT)

Karen DuBose writes from Sonora, California.

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