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The Unsettling Savior

Jesus was radically out of sync with the norm. Instead of playing by the rules, He replaced them with ones that shattered the status quo. Little wonder that He was a threat to the religious elite. Everything our Jesus stood for challenged their existence. Just place yourself in the Pharisee’s shoes (but don’t wear them too long). As the religious leaders tried to get everyone to clean up their act, Jesus came along and said stuff like, “It’s not what goes into a man that defiles him but what comes out of his heart.” And “don’t do as the Pharisees do.”

What do we do with a Savior who “breaks” the Sabbath, claims to forgive sins yet socializes with sinners (tax collectors and thieves), allows loose women to kiss him while pouring perfume on His head and feet, and discredits the traditions of the church? Yes, He healed a few people, but even the devil has magical powers. For the good of the nation and the church, we cannot allow people like Jesus to come in and disrupt everything! If we ignore this, eventually, the church will be filled with people who aren’t afraid of evil and who entertain the notion that they are forgiven even though they are imperfect.

Think of it. If people buy what Jesus is saying, they will stop trying to be good and accept His misguided words as that which sets them free! Then where will we be?

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Rich DuBose writes from Northern California.

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