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The Struggle

Are we supposed to have to struggle to understand what God wants us to know? Yes! There is no such thing as easy knowledge, especially when it comes to knowing God.

One day Jesus’ disciples asked him a pointed question. “When they were alone, the twelve and others close to Him asked why He always taught in parables instead of explaining His teachings clearly” (Mark 4:10, The Voice).

They essentially asked, “Why do you make us struggle to understand what you’re saying? Why not make it simple? Jesus responded to their question with a “head-scratcher.”

“God has let you in on the inside story regarding the workings of the Kingdom—the hidden meanings. But the crowds—I teach them in parables as the prophet Isaiah predicted, So that when they look, they see and yet do not understand. When they hear, they listen and yet do not comprehend. Otherwise, they might really turn and be forgiven”(Mark 4:11-12, The Voice).

But wait! This was where they must have been scratching their heads. Why would Jesus want to make it hard for people to understand His teachings? Doesn’t He want people to repent and be forgiven?

Jesus further explained. “All who have ears to hear, let them listen. So consider carefully the things you’re hearing. If you put it to use, you’ll be given more to wrestle with—much more. Those who have listened will receive more, but those who don’t hear will forget even the little they’ve failed to understand” (Mark 4:23-25, The Voice).

In other words, with truth, you either embrace it and use it, or you lose it!

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Rich DuBose writes from Northern California.

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