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The King and Abaddon

Once upon a time, long ago and far away, there was a King who was incredibly intelligent, generous, and kind. With His magical powers, He created a city unlike anything we have ever seen. Large edifices, with shining, transparent walls, dotted the landscape. The townhomes and city dwellings were magnificent examples of craftsmanship. Nothing was spared to delight its residents.

To get to this city, one has to travel millions of miles, past stars, suns, and moons, well beyond our neighboring planets, through the Milky Way, and finally through a spectacular corridor inside the Nebula of Orion that leads to an astounding destination of magnificent brilliance. Gigantic transparent walls and fortified gates outline the parameters of the city. Travelers can see light from the city radiating into the night sky for hundreds of miles. It is a beacon of light and warmth in the midst of a vast dark universe.

The Perfect Place to Live

The amazing thing about this city is that there are no hospitals, banks, or stores like we know here. The inhabitants have no sickness. There is no shortage of resources and no sadness. By design, it is the perfect place to live.

The King created it all—even the creatures who live in the city. Their purpose is to serve each other with kindness and grace and show the universe that the King is authentic, loving, and just. They show this by their characters—which is largely made up of their actions and words.

In addition to the millions of helpers the King created, He made one individual more beautiful, intelligent and gifted, than all the others. His name was Abaddon.

Abaddon sat next to the King and heard everything He said, and everything He did. He witnessed His kindness and love, and he saw that the King was always transparent and truthful.

Every seven days, the city residents came together to praise the King and express their gratitude for all He had done. Abaddon joined in the praise and actually led the mass choir and orchestra. It was something to behold, with expert musicians exploring new chords, harmonies, and lyrics continually. It was a musical extravaganza!

Self Admiration

As time went by, Abaddon became enamored with his own beauty. As he walked through the city, he saw himself reflected in the walls, and often those he met would compliment him on his appearance. He was stunningly attractive! He could have easily had a Hollywood Star.

As Abaddon thought about his beauty and intelligence, he began to believe that it came from within—and that the King was not the One who made him so special. He viewed himself as the epitome of intelligence and believed that it was somehow being wasted. Why should he be the King’s errand boy? He was smart enough to do everything the King did.

Even though he lived in a perfect place, Abaddon became discontented, and little by little, he began to share this angst with his associates. At first, he merely asked questions. “Why was the King not giving him more important things to do? Couldn’t he be just as effective as the King?”

From there, it moved to questions about freedom and fairness. The King was too restrictive with the city’s residents. They shouldn’t have to keep the laws the King had established. Abaddon questioned, “Why can’t we govern ourselves? We don’t need someone telling us what to do.”

Battle Lines Drawn

Finally, it was out in the open, and a significant number of residents (one-third) sided with Abaddon to question the King. They wanted to create a new form of government and change the laws. Some said the King was a liar, and they twisted His words to make Him look bad.

The harmony of the city was replaced with an aura of anger, turmoil, and hate! Many said, “We don’t know what to believe!” The city was filled with conflicting stories and information.

The battle lines were drawn! “Who are you going to believe? The King or Abaddon?” The King realized if He allowed this to continue, it would eventually destroy the city He had so lovingly created. So He told everyone they must choose how they wanted to live.

To his followers, Abaddon said, “We don’t have to choose anything! Let’s surround the King’s palace, take Him hostage, and remove Him from His position of authority!”

Once the King realized Abaddon was entrenched in his thinking, and after multiple attempts to convince him to not go down the road toward anarchy and rebellion, the King did something He had never wanted to do.

He Impeached Abaddon!

He removed him from his position of privilege and authority. The city was in shock! It was unprecedented!

The King then told Abaddon that he and his followers were no longer welcome in the city! It was the hardest thing He had ever done because He was all about love and compassion. But the King also understood the importance of law and order, and Abaddon had forfeited his right to remain in the city.

It was one of the saddest days the Kingdom had ever known.

That day the city learned that decisions have consequences and that in the end, misinformation and lies lead to despair!

Rich DuBose writes from Northern California.

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