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The Benefits of Journaling

Ikept a diary as young as 10 years old; that little book without a cover floated around for years. I now keep it with the rest of my journals. It tells of the birth of brothers and sisters, the excitement of moving, and the first day of school. I kept another five-year diary all through junior and senior high. My very routine school years are detailed in just a few lines each day. However, from these casual comments, I remember how it felt to get an A in world history and how icky it was to dissect a crayfish in biology.

A Shocking Scene

I have an entry the day President Kennedy was killed. I describe how teachers and students were crying in the hall as we passed to our next class. Still, I can remember what a shocking scene it was, and I asked a friend what had happened. Another short entry describes the night the Beatles came to America and sang on the Ed Sullivan show. Of course, I had no idea how much this rock band would change our world with their strange mop-top haircuts.

Major news items and interesting stories from our newspaper are taped in my journal with my personal reaction. I add small invitation cards and thank you notes, wallet-sized pictures, the very stuff of life!


A few years ago, a meteor went over our house; our home shook so badly I thought there had been an explosion. The dog started barking immediately, but it wasn’t his usual bark; it sounded different. I described this in my journal. The newspapers were filled with articles about it the next day. I cut out the ones that most interested me. Now I have the description of this real event to draw from if I ever want to write an article or even create a fiction story.

Everyday Happenings

There are so many everyday happenings that we can’t possibly remember them all. Don’t be afraid to save items about normal hometown news, funny and serious.

I think journaling is wonderful for anyone, but it’s really a must if you are a writer. Your writing skills will improve. You have a book that you can immediately go to and write down a memory for possible later use. The words come from your experience, and that always resonates with the truth. You are also creating a living history of your family life to pass down.

I don’t worry if it may seem like a boring entry; it could easily be considered a memorable event in a few years. You will also see how your serious challenges were resolved in a manner you would never have imagined.

Maybe keeping a journal of your life doesn’t interest you. What about a writer’s journal, filled with writing tips, descriptions of characters, outlines of possible stories, or potential plots? You will be pleased you did the next time you start that great American novel!

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Christine Collier writes from New York.

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