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Stay Away From Fools

Have you noticed the back and forth rants on social media that produce a lot of heat but contain very little intelligence? They are a waste of time! Anything you say will be countered with another avalanche of nonsense, confirming what Solomon said centuries ago:

“Fools think their own way is right, but the wise listen to others. A fool is quick-tempered, but a wise person stays calm when insulted” (Proverbs 12:15-16).

And sometimes we may be the fools!

Stay Away from Fools

“Stay away from fools, for you won’t find knowledge on their lips. The prudent understand where they are going, but fools deceive themselves. Fools make fun of guilt, but the godly acknowledge it and seek reconciliation” (Proverbs 14:7-9).

“Only simpletons believe everything they’re told! The prudent carefully consider their steps. The wise are cautious and avoid danger; fools plunge ahead with reckless confidence. Simpletons are clothed with foolishness, but the prudent are crowned with knowledge” (Proverbs 14:15-16, 18).

“Fools have no interest in understanding; they only want to air their own opinions” [Proverbs 18:2].

Not only are we faced with a proliferation of foolish people, but there is also an increase of spurious reports and fake news. I recently read about two guys who spend their days making up fake news reports to incite their political enemies and dupe the masses. According Scripture, God detests this.

“There are six things the Lord hates— no, seven things he detests: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that kill the innocent, a heart that plots evil, feet that race to do wrong, a false witness who pours out lies, a person who sows discord in a family” (Proverbs 6:16-19).

Gaining Wisdom

In order to avoid being numbered among fools, we need to expose ourselves to the ageless wisdom of God-inspired people.

“People know where to mine silver and how to refine gold. They know where to dig iron from the earth and how to smelt copper from rock…People know how to tear apart flinty rocks and overturn the roots of mountains. They cut tunnels in the rocks and uncover precious stones. They dam up the trickling streams and bring to light the hidden treasures. But do people know where to find wisdom? Where can they find understanding (Job 28:1-2, 9-12 )?

“God alone understands the way to wisdom; he knows where it can be found, for he looks throughout the whole earth and sees everything under the heavens” (Job 28:23-24).

“Fear of the Lord is the foundation of true wisdom. All who obey his commandments will grow in wisdom” (Psalm 111:10)!

Our recent Presidential election taught me three things about myself and others. 1) Our biases make it very difficult to be objective. 2) The less time we spend in God’s Word, the more convinced we are that our opinions are correct. 3) It is easy to confuse foolishness with wisdom. If we spend more time with Facebook than Scripture, we’re going to end up with a head full of trivia and poppycock, and very little wisdom.

Rich DuBose writes from Northern California.

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Rich DuBose

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