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Priceless in His Eyes

“What about this, Dad?”

Holding up a colorful square box, I grimaced as dust particles speckled my clothes. My father glanced down with a smile, “Hey, that might make some money.”

He examined the box carefully, “Do you know what this is?” I shook my head, puzzled at the large, oddly-shaped item.

“This is an activity box from the 70s called String Art. It used to be very popular!”

Curious, I lifted the dusty lid to reveal colorful strings and other unopened items.

“Can I buy it?”

“Sure, I don’t see why not. It’s only a dollar; you might make a couple of bucks off of it.”
Holding the box snuggly, I followed my father to the register and pulled out my change purse. I handed the lady a dollar before carrying out my prized treasure; excitement surfaced as I thought of various ways to spend the money after selling the box.

What is it Worth?

The following week, my father helped me list my String Art on eBay. With anticipation, I sat by the clunky computer every day to watch for any bidders. After a few days, a feeling of despair settled in my stomach. Only one person had bid on my treasure, and it was only worth four dollars. Over the weekend, I continued to watch the computer, hoping I’d strike it rich! I’d gloated for days about my find, and now it was worth nothing; my heart sank with disappointment.

As the night came to a close, I watched the computer screen in despair when suddenly, I heard a loud ding! My heart began pounding as I leaped out of the chair and let out a scream.

“Dad, come quick! The price on my string art has gone up.”

Entering the room, my father smiled in excitement. “Wow! This item is at $15, and you even have a minute left before your box is sold.”

When the minute passed, my family let out a cheer as my item sold for over $23 to the highest bidder. I smiled through tears of joy at my success—it was indeed a most memorable night!

Looking back on this childhood memory, I remember feeling disheartened when my item didn’t rise in price. Although I initially found value in my new treasure, its worth decreased when others showed little to no interest. It was only until someone else found it valuable that I began to see its initial worth. Growing up, people would often go to my father for advice on antique items as he was an antique dealer and auctioneer. When people would ask, “Is this item valuable?” My father would always respond with, “It’s only as valuable as someone is willing to pay.”

As Christians, we often put a price on someone or something we consider “valuable?” It’s easy to find worth in anything that holds merit to another. But in doing this, we miss out on something unique and beautiful. I’m so thankful for a Heavenly Father who loves each one of us despite our shortcomings. Our significance doesn’t fluctuate based on our good deeds or mistakes. He’s paid the ultimate price and values our worth, and no matter how we’re viewed in another’s eyes, in our Father’s eyes, we’ll remain priceless.

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Madeleine Lowe writes from Indiana.

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