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Praying for Pacifiers

“We need to ask Jesus to help us find your pacifier.” It had brushed my hair and bumped my shoulder as it fell from the mouth of my four-month old grandson. But as I bent to pick it up, it was nowhere to be found. How could a pacifier that big totally disappear? My house was quickly becoming equipped for grandchildren with diapers and changing area, a bouncer, baby clothing waiting to be worn, new toys and books, but not a spare pacifier. After checking and rechecking, I finally realized that the pacifier was just gone.

I’m not sure why it seemed strange to pray for something so insignificant. This prayer was hardly in the class of praying for understanding, or for forgiveness, or offering intercessory prayers. Yet, I knew how the timeframe went. The bottle would be empty in about 10 minutes, after which the pacifier would be as necessity. And so we prayed. I widened the search looking under the dining table. At last, a basket around the corner caught my attention. Moving it away from the wall, the lost pacifier lay tucked into the small space behind it. How it bounced around the corner I will never know. I do know that this experience made me look at prayer afresh. Nothing is too small or too inconsequential to be taken to the throne of God in prayer. The mighty and powerful Ruler of the universe answers prayers, even for pacifiers.

A Baby’s Prayer

Sometime later my grandson and I were enjoying Friday afternoon playtime as we do every week. I finished preparing dinner and decided to go ahead and feed my 17 month old grandson before his mommy and daddy arrived. He folded his hands, I prayed a simple prayer, he clapped (his version of ‘amen’), and he began to eat. Some minutes later he looked at me smiling, folded his hands once again and said, “Daddy, Jesus,” and clapped hands for amen.

This baby had just prayed for his daddy who was flying home that day. My mind was drawn back to the pacifier prayer more than a year before. During those months, through the example of his parents, and yes, prayers for pacifiers, he had learned to talk to Jesus. Once again I was so grateful that our Heavenly Father loves to hear our requests. “It is part of God’s plan to grant us in answer to the prayer of faith, that which he would not bestow if we did not thus ask” (The Great Controversy, 525).

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