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Obedient to Death

Speaking of Jesus, Paul says, “He humbled Himself, obedient to death—a merciless death on the cross!” (Philippians 2:8, The Voice). Jesus was obedient to death. When death said “die,” He died.

What does death command us to do? Give up our lives. Looking back, we see that everyone who has ever lived on this planet has been obedient to death (except for very few mentioned in scripture). Millions and billions have succumbed to death’s wish because they had no choice. When the “grim reaper” knocked, they had to open the door!

Jesus was obedient to death—for three days! On Sunday morning, the first day of the week—the third day after the cross—Jesus ceased to comply! He rebelled against death’s iron-clad grip and came out of the tomb!

Obedient to God

By being obedient to death, Jesus was obedient to God. He gave His life for ours by obeying God’s choice for us to live.

Why did God choose death for His Son? It was certainly not something He wanted, but He willingly sacrificed heaven’s best because He couldn’t imagine eternity without you and me! Death comes to those separated from God, and the only way we could be reconnected with Him was for His Son, Jesus, to become one of us. To become one of us, Jesus had to become obedient to death!

Jesus laid down His life in obedience to God—as Isaac did with his father, Abraham. Remember when Abraham informed Isaac that he was to be the sacrifice? Isaac willingly climbed on the altar. Jesus willingly went to the cross. However, Isaac didn’t have to die the sacrificial death because Jesus took his place! Throughout eternity we will struggle to understand what this means.

Jesus went to the tomb in response to His Father’s will, and He came out of it in obedience to the principles of life established by His Father! Because of this, eternal death can no longer keep us in its grip, and we now have the option to say no to the “grim reaper.”

Rich DuBose writes from Northern California.

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Rich DuBose

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