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Make Mine Carob, Please

I was addicted to chocolate for many years. Addiction runs in my family—the human family. Sometimes that tendency to addictive substances is passed on genetically. At other times we choose to try a substance. Perhaps in response to peer pressure or the pressure of life’s stressful situations, before we know it, we are addicted.

The Problem with Chocolate

Chocolate, while delicious, is one of those addicting substances that have been proven to upset the body’s delicate systems. Some of the substances found in chocolate can change the tissue of the breast, affect the mucous membranes of the digestive tract, and cause itching, headaches, depression, and anxiety. Chocolate is fermented to develop the flavor and contains aflatoxins that are cancer-promoting toxins.

For the past 10 years, I have feasted on treats made from carob—a beneficial bean/fruit that is much better than chocolate. And I discovered that John the Baptist feasted on locust bean (carob) and honey during his time in the wilderness. That just sounds good! Join the millions of us who are free from our addiction, and enjoy delicious carob dishes.


Hot Carob – Delicious hot drink to warm you on a cold day.

Mocha Carob Banana Shake – The perfect smoothie to satisfy your cravings.

Fudgy Brownies – Brownies have been a favorite with families for years.

German Carob Cake – A must try for the occasion when cake is a “must.”

Not Reese’s Carob Candy – A delicious blend of peanut butter and chocolate flavors.

Carob Coated Candy – You are sure to please your sweet tooth with this granola treat.

Carob Pie – A smooth silky blend to savor.

Yummy Banana Nutty Bars (for kids only) – A start for the day or a healthy after-school treat.

Carob Rice Treats – A wonderful replacement for an old-fashioned treat for the whole family.

Carob Chip Cookies – Nothing is better than a “chip” cookie.

Ice Cream – Always a satisfying treat for a hot summer day.

Carob Chip Muffins – You will not be able to resist these nutty chip muffins.

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Recipes by Donna Green Goodman.

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