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I’m Soaring

You know the song, “A Whole New World,” from Disney’s Aladdin? That’s what marriage is like. My heart is beating against my chest, my breathing is shallow and nervous, and then I step off the ledge and soar.

Te and I met in the summer of ’07 and it was love at first sight…for her. I had yet to be clued in. Needless to say, we soon became good friends and I began to notice her qualities and discover who she really was. Maybe it was the way she spewed a mouth full of frappuccino all over my windshield when she laughed at something I had said, or it could have been the way her hair was plastered across her face when she laughed after we got caught out in a rainstorm.

Whatever it was, I decided that I could spend the rest of my life with this girl, and on March 26th, 2010 I controlled my nervous breathing and shaking enough to calmly and romantically ask her to marry me. The wedding was simple and natural, a great way to celebrate a love that was simple; a love that came naturally to us.

A New Perspective

Through the experience of dating and marrying someone I have taken a whole new perspective on my relationship with God. The first thing I noticed is that I need a strong and thriving relationship with God so he can teach me, challenge me, and love me into the man he created me to be. Making God the center of my life in my earlier years prepared me for many amazing opportunities that came along, including marriage. And without that preparation, instead of my marriage soaring it would most likely be plummeting to the ground.

The second shift in my perspective was realizing that being united for life with the woman I love is just a little taste of what it will be like when I am united for eternity with the God I love. In my marriage, I am fully known by Te, and she is fully known by me. There are no secrets, no lies; just trust, and honesty. There is the joy of pursing your dreams together and doing the things that you love together. Also there is service, respect, fascination, intimacy and any other positive words you could think of! And yet it still amazes me that it’s only a glimpse of what I will share with my God. Sometime’s I get that feeling there’s something I’m missing out on, like what this world has to offer isn’t enough…I wonder why!

A Little More Heavenly

If you are married, please feel encouraged and inspired to make your marriage a little more heavenly. Treat your spouse the way you would want to be treated, and love them unconditionally. If you are unmarried or not even in a relationship, please take my advice and make your relationship with God a priority. Let him work in you, shape you and mold you into who you were created to be. Trust me, he will facilitate and bring that significant other person along when you are ready…and after that, you will soar.

Kylon Gienger writes from the Pacific Northwest.

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Kylon Gienger

writes from the Pacific Northwest.

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