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Everyday Chores

Dear God: Okay, here’s my glamorous chore list for today. One: vacuum. Two: take those packages to the Post Office. Three: make a run to Smart & Final. Four: Stop by the school for an overdue parent-teacher conference with Miss Lawler. Five: clean up the cat barf that’s been behind the sofa since yesterday morning. (Actually, I guess I should do #5 before I vacuum, shouldn’t I?)

Some days a collection of such sterile tedium chores would frustrate me – but somehow, today I feel at peace with my role as a wife, mom, and unpaid Merry Maid. There’s a quiet glory that comes from realizing that I keep and preserve a small paradise for two such wonderful people as those You’ve entrusted to my care. I think about how after the great banquet feasts Jesus describes in His parables, there must be a whole crew of volunteers later who do the dishes and tidy up in the heavenly Hyatt ballroom – and take pride in doing it well.

I do plan to write that great American novel once Colin goes off to college. But today, thank You for my to-do list and the special place it lets me occupy in Your world.

In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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