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Crazy God

Last weekend, we were sharing a meal with a group of friends, and we began to tell flights-gone-wrong stories. My husband related several in which both of us were present when we wondered if we would safely return to the ground. On one such occasion, we flew to Seattle, Washington, but we ended up making an emergency landing in Yakima—after noticing a strong smell in the cabin. Then we were told to exit quickly, leave everything behind, and were met by media reporters outside.

Many of our fellow passengers quickly made arrangements to use all available rental cars to complete their journeys. However, we waited while a mechanic was flown in from Seattle. Hours later, we resumed our flight on the same airplane. The pilot explained that the plane had experienced an electrical problem. Then he reassured us with the news that the mechanic was returning with us.

Crazy Incarnation

As I consider the significance of the Incarnation of Jesus Christ, I think it really speaks to God’s ultimate trust in His work. He trusted us enough to take on our form and live among us. After all, He had said that His human creation was “very good.” Yet the incarnation is just plain crazy—what a wild, way-beyond-imagination God. I can’t wrap my mind around that decision.

What kind of God comes to earth as a helpless baby to some Middle Eastern peasant couple in a war-torn country? And at every step of His life, a ruler, religious leaders, or Satan tried to destroy Him. Talk about vulnerability! I’m trying to imagine that it might be comparable to the Queen of England becoming a Corgi puppy to some dogs in a pound. Or an author or artist becoming a character in their own apocalyptic book or painting to save the characters. Something crazy like that.

Jesus Christ even went so far as to provide His believers with another kind of incarnation until He can return. He dwells within us in a way that no other god can. And He has created a Kingdom unlike any on earth. That’s worth celebrating more than once each year.

Let’s sing the Hallelujah Chorus!

Questions for personal journaling or group discussion:

1. How would you describe the kind of God that you worship (if you believe in God)?

2. Do you think Jesus’ first coming was a sign of trust in humanity? Or was it damage repair?

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Karen Spruill writes from Florida.

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