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Contrarian People

How do we define a person who is against what everyone else is for? How do we describe their contrariness?

“Someone who automatically tends to take the opposite point of view from the person to whom they’re speaking, or to disagree with society at large out of a sort of knee-jerk reflex.” (Urban Dictionary)

The same dictionary also says: “A person or group who automatically opts for the opposite view, for the sake of being antagonistic, not because they have a good argument or view point.”

Many politicians are contrarians. They believe their job is to oppose other people’s views—especially those of the opposite political party. Such people become known as oppositional. They are known more for what they are against, than what they are for.

Religious Contrarians

During His ministry Jesus found the religious leaders to be contrarian.

“The people of this generation— what are they like? To what can they be compared? I’ll tell you: they’re like spoiled kids sitting in the marketplace playing games, calling out, ‘We played the pipes for you, but you didn’t dance to our tune! We cried like mourners, but you didn’t cry with us!’

“You can’t win with this generation. John the Baptist comes along, fasting and abstaining from wine, and you say, ‘This guy is demon-possessed!’ The Son of Man comes along, feasting and drinking wine, and you say, ‘This guy is a glutton and a drunk, a friend of scoundrels and tax collectors!’ Well, wisdom’s true children know wisdom when they hear it” (Luke 7:31-35, The Voice).

Strawberry is not an Option

If you were to ask a contrarian whether they want chocolate or vanilla ice cream, they might say, “What about strawberry? Can I get some of that?”

The opposite of being contrarian is to be inquisitive, sensitive, open, and agreeable—as far as possible. Nice people are typically not contrarian.

While it is true that Jesus’ followers are against evil, society and the world is better served if His people are primarily known for their honesty, fairness, compassion, and kindness. Just being against stuff makes people contrarian, and contrarian Christians really aren’t needed!

Rich DuBose writes from Northern California.

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