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Computer Repair

If you are a writer, then lockdowns, social distancing, sheltering in place, and quarantines are mighty fine times to be at home! No excuses left. Due to the Corona virus, like everyone else I have plenty of extra time. We have a home office, and I write almost daily anyway so when I found a market looking for virus stories, it was a no brainer for me. We already had drama in our everyday lives due to this event but would it touch my writing life as well? 

It did and quickly. The very first week in fact. One morning as I clutched my cup of joe and settled in at the computer to check my email, I discovered it was deader than the proverbial doorknob! Hubby said he was pretty sure it was my power supply. He was right. My hard drive is 11 years old and had everything on it I’d written in the past years and longer. I do have backup. Would our small family-owned computer repair shop still be open? It was unlikely as just about everything was closed due to the dreaded Corona. We’ve done business for years and have the upmost faith in them. Hubby said he’d put my computer in his car just in case it was open when he went for groceries. I’ll use the term computer guy when I refer to this shop owner. 

Computer Shop Encounter

My husband stopped by the shop and it appeared to be locked up and dark with no cars in the parking lot. This was a Friday afternoon and would normally be a very busy time. He got out and tapped on the door just in case. Suddenly the owner appeared at the window and seemed reluctant to open the door at first. But he did, and my husband explained what was wrong. My computer was transferred to the shop. He said he’d work on it and let him know soon.

Hubby asked him to check the power supply and the hard drive and wanted the same backup program he had installed on his computer in the past. Computer guy explained he didn’t want to install this specific program on such an old hard drive. So I ended up with two new hard drives with excellent backup protection, a new power supply, and a bill! However, this might have been a blessing in disguise because computer guy had to try three times to transfer all my files to the new drive. I might have lost everything if my hard drive had crashed or the very least a lot more work fixing it. Not what a writer needed the week our world was ravaged. 

Computer guy explained to my husband that while things had been very quiet around his shop, he actually made a house call to a couple that very week. When he went to their house and they opened their front door, he realized their advanced ages. Each was at least 90 years old. He shared that maybe he shouldn’t come inside because he might bring them the virus unknowingly. He was worried about them. They assured him everything was all right and so positive about it, that he did finally go inside and repaired their computers, thus saving them having to leave their house to bring their computers to his shop.

Strange Times

It makes you ask how many times this type of situation happens during these strange times. I’m sure it’s daily, but we truly are in times none of us has experienced. It’s next to impossible to stop living with all its problems and events. And the great majority of people truly try to find a solution quickly and to work together. 

Christine Collier writes from New York.

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