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Careless Enough to Care

It’s not that we don’t care or are careless, but that we often care about some things too much: about our cars, homes, sports, convenience, shopping, food, appearance, plans, vacations, work, sleep, families, and friends—to the point that we cannot possibly care anymore! We have so many cares we end up being careless about the concerns that others grapple with or the ones that matter to God. We are overstressed caregivers who spend most of our time caring about ourselves and what we think is important.

Care Management

When Jesus says, “Throw all your cares on Me,” He invites us to be “careless” for a cause; careless about that which is fleeting, and “careful” about that which is eternal. Jesus modeled a form of care management that elevated relationships over matter and mercy over justice! He cared enough about others to make their well-being the central focus of His life and death.

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Rich DuBose writes from Northern California.

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